Many a time cancer does more than break your body with side effects, it also shatters any glimpse of self confidence that you may have possessed. Be it your change in appearance, which is a normal occurrence when you’ve been bombarded with chemotherapy, radiation or surgery, but most of the time women come out of their treatment losing their sense of self worth. More than recovering your physical stamina and strength after this traumatic experience it is also vital to regain your self confidence and esteem.

Over here we offer you a eyebrows, make-up and hairpiece tutorial along with a listing of two renowned specialists in the field of prosthetics to take you that one step further to self empowerment.

Eyebrows Tutorial

Headpiece Tutorial

Makeup Skin Tutorial

1. Allure Hair:Allure Hair is manufacturer of real human hair enhancement & restoration solutions for hair loss, like wigs, hair toppers, partial hairpieces, hair extensions and hair replacement systems for women, men and children. Everything made by Allure Hair is custom made as per the client’s order. Allure Hair does not have any readymade products for sale. Address: Ganesh Apartments, Flat No. 1, Ground Floor, Plot no.40, Pandurang Wadi, Road No.3, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400 063, Maharashtra, INDIA.

Phone: +919920045 882, +91 98 67 68 5565


Email id:

Only makes hair wigs
2. Hair Aid – non-profitAnyone can donate hair for patients who lose hair during treatment like chemotherapy, radiation due to cancer, Alopecia Areata, lupus, burn victims, or other dermatological conditions.

Hair Aid does not carry out any business. Wigs, human hair or any other hair related products are not sold by Hair Aid for profit. Wigs made with donated hair for Yatin’s social initiative Hair Aid are made using the Allure Hair infrastructure, skilled staff and are given free of cost to poor cancer or other hair loss patients who fulfil the eligibility requirements.

Address: Ganesh Apartments, Flat No. 1, Ground Floor, Plot no.40, Pandurang Wadi, Road No.3, Goregaon East, Mumbai 400 063, INDIA.

Phone: +91 99 209 45 882


Accepts hair donation and makes hair wigs
3. V-Care FoundationHair donations are accepted in India from hair donors by V- care foundation to help poor financially weak patients undergoing hair loss (short or long term) due to various medical conditions to make wigs. Anyone can donate hair for patients who lose hair during treatment like chemotherapy, radiation due to cancer Phone: 98219 49401 / 98219 49402.


Email id:

Accepts hair donation and makes hair wigs
4. For your trustCope with Cancer aims to create awareness, to inspire people to donate their healthy hair for a noble cause to someone who needs it. Address: Room No: CB 40/1612 3rd Floor, Jubilee Bazaar, Onden Road Kannur -670001 Kerala.

Email id:

Accepts Hair donations
5.The Cherain foundationTangled project is a hair donation drive aimed at donating wigs for cancer afflicted patients who lose hair and self-esteem during clinical treatment. Address: No.38, Malony Road, T.Nagar, Chennai-600017


Email id:

Involved in hair donation drive across Green salon trends and Raj Hair International Pvt Ltd is the official wig making partner
6. Surendras natural hairThe mission is to provide one with helpful information and excellent solutions for quality wigs that are needed for hair loss while having chemotherapy, radiation or other medical treatments. Address: 83, 2nd Vijaykarwadi Bunglow, Near Hari Mandir, S.V.Road, Near Dominos, Behind Saikripa Bar & Restaurant, Malad West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400064

Phone:  022 2881 3444


All of the hair prostheses and wigs have been selected for their innovative design and special features. Careful attention is paid to the needs of the medical hair loss patient who are wearing a wig for the first time.
7. HAIR FOR HOPEHair for Hope encourages hair donations (15″ and more) and donate wigs to economically challenged chemo patients. Message via their Facebook page Hair for hope India

Hair donations and donate wigs to economically challenged chemo patients

AMDYS Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Who are we?

AMDYS Healthcare Solutions Private Limited is into provision of breast cancer rehabilitation products and post-surgical counselling. Breast cancer awareness has reached new horizons within the Indian medical market, however, sensitized rehabilitation is still an on-going process, one that needs to be backed with remarkable research and development. Our products are all directed towards competent post-surgery cancer prevention and enabling anatomical normalcy.

Why us?

The medical fraternity today is taken aback by its own findings that highlight the fact that breast cancer accounts for 25%–30% of cancers in Indian women. Urban India is witnessing a massive increase in the number of cases of breast cancer. Moreover, recent studies report a rising prevalence of breast cancer in younger women aged between 30 and 40 years. On the bright side, breast cancer is now curable, and with the advent of medicine, there has been a steady increase in the number of breast cancer survivors. This is where AMDYS fits in, we provide a complete range of rehabilitation products for breast cancer survivors. Our products are designed to inculcate a deep sense of wellness in women who have undergone surgery and treatment for breast cancer and are looking to restore their lives back to normal.

AMDYS Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is the brainchild of Aditya Thaker, a young entrepreneur who has a history of scientific research to his credit. He holds a masters degree in Biotechnology after graduating in 2008 from the University of Essex, England. He specialized in cancer biology and dedicated time to the cause of breast cancer research. It has been Aditya’s dream to bring the latest in international healthcare solutions to the striving Indian market. He strongly believes that there is an urgent need for spreading awareness about breast cancer — the cause, early detection, cure, prevention, and bringing home path-breaking rehabilitation products.

Contact: Aditya Thaker,
Director – AMDYS Healthcare Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Phone: +91 9820778569

Proxima Speciality Healthcare

Proxima Speciality Healthcare Since being founded in 2010, PROXIMA has grown into the India’s leading manufacturer and distributor of custom made and readymade medical grade compression garments.

They continue to grow and expand to reach across India and sell compression garments for Lymphedema, post-burn scarring, varicose vein, liposuction, other cosmetic procedures and postnatal corsets. The aim has always been to share passion for compression as a means of enhancing treatment outcomes, improving healing times, minimizing scarring and reducing pain. All compression garments have been designed in partnership with some of the India’s leading plastic surgeons and are double skinned in key areas to ensure maximum support.

They also feature unique double eyehooks allowing for increasing adjustability and uniform compression. Proxima is based in Bangalore, India and are committed to dispatching orders quickly and efficiently. This allows them to offer a same-day courier service within Bangalore and a range of national delivery options. Proxima supplies to majority of India’s leading hospitals and clinics.

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