My Carer Program Copy

There are 5 levels in the program and each level begins with a Holistic Health Coaching (Audio clip), Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching and Counselling-Talk it out (Information Videos), Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness Meditation (Practice Videos- which can be watched and followed).

You have an option of connecting to a personalized specialist after each section. As you complete Level 1 you can move to the next Level.

Please download and read the CARER Instructions Manual before starting.

You can also download a 12-week Calendar to guide you here.



Let’s begin to HEAL with the basics of cancer and common causes of the illness. Learn the importance of communication with a professional and continue to heal in your practice sessions by focusing on the importance of breathing.

Get Started


In this section, we share the tips to strengthen your body and mind through nutrition, movement and mental well being. In the information Videos, we discuss the importance of the immune system and coping mechanisms to deal with the side effects of treatment. The Practice Videos teach you stronger breathing exercises and techniques in controlling your thoughts. You are welcome to sit on the floor using a yoga brick or a chair for your comfort during the meditation practice.

Get Stronger


The purpose in LIVE, is to continue building mind-body strength from Level 2. In Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching we emphasize on the correlation between the digestive and immune system, while Talk it out focuses on acknowledging feelings of loss and grief. In the Yoga class, we incorporate the practices of level 1 and 2, while the Meditation is on controlled mindfulness. All practices can be done with a wall or a cushion support

Start Living


It’s time to THRIVE. In this level, we discuss the importance of integrative healing for post treatment cancer care and why counselling for immediate caregivers is essential. Caregiver survey and a session with a counsellor can be scheduled here. You are introduced to sectional yoga with chanting and the powerful tool of visualisation.

Start Thriving


In this level of Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching we debunk the myths commonly associated with cancer. Talk it out focuses on the importance of moving on. In your Yoga Therapy class, you will need a brick and bolster cushion as you gain momentum and advance in your practice. Mindfulness Meditation introduces a new component of active meditation, involving movement and chanting.

Get Empowered