An Integrative Approach to Healing

An Integrative Approach to Healing

Integrative healing or integrative oncology is a combination of various complementary therapies that work towards healing the body as a whole. Cancer is a symptom and a result of a depleted immune system and a disrupted homeostatic state in the body. While conventional treatment such as Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery target cancerous cells, they also target healthy cells as well, destroying the immune even further. A weak immune system will not cure or recover any state of health; therefore an integrated approach deals with fighting the root cause, strengthening the immune and supporting the conventional treatment to do its job.

Integrative oncology unfortunately is an unknown concept in India however most of the best cancer hospitals in the world have successful integrative oncology units to treat their patients, such as, M.D Anderson, Memorial Sloan Kettering and Johns Hopkins. Integrative oncology has various healing verticals and these verticals are the bases in which a recovery treatment plan is created for a cancer patient. The irony is that we originate from a country that stems from ancient traditions of natural medicinal and therapeutic healing modalities, which have now been more or less buried under modern medicine. Suffice to say that advancements of medicine today have achieved extraordinary breakthroughs especially in acute emergency and trauma situations. Therefore, a combination of complementary and mainstream is the most essential path to healing. An integrative approach is strongly backed by science and is condoned by almost every renowned oncologist and cancer institute.

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