How to find hope when you need it most

How to find hope when you need it most

Cancer is the most fearful and traumatic experience a patient or caregiver can go through. You feel anxious, panicked, fearful, lost and hopeless amongst many others things. Although there are certain elements that are not under your control, hopelessness is certainly not one of them. Believe it or not.

I speak from a patient, caregiver and professional’s perspective and believe the one thing that I can share with you is that there is hope, always. If you are going through cancer or know someone who is, share this one piece of professional advice with them or with yourself. You are very much a part of your healing. Medical care, treatment, therapists, healers and anything you might call it are facilitating the process of your healing and recovery, but it is you and your body that is healing, which means that the healing actually lies within you.

Cancer is a symptom of a depleted immune system and with the right nutrition, movement therapy and a positive frame of mind, immunity is strengthened. Yes it is not that simple and we do need the medical help however, healing is still very much within our capacity as well. There have been patients of last stages walking out to live a positive healthy life and are still thriving today. Lifestyle has had such a major impact on diseases that it is imperative to live healthy in order to restore wellbeing.

So never lose hope, because hope is what will take you through and when you do lose a bit of it, remember you are a part of your healing and this healing lies in your hands.

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