What are the foods to avoid during recovering from cancer

What are the foods to avoid during recovering from cancer

The diet to follow during cancer recovery is something every patient needs to worry about. Conventional hospital treatment doesn’t give patients enough information regarding the correct diet they need to follow during the time of recovery. Unfortunately, conventional care doesn’t place a lot of emphasis on the patient’s dietary needs. Most patients whose cancers are in remission are unsure as to what kind of foods they need to eat to prevent their cancer from returning. The CARER program provides patients with a complete guide to nutritional and dietetic information for patients in recovery to follow. The program includes videos from Luke Coutinho, a renowned nutrition expert who in a series of video lectures advises recovering cancer patients on the kind of food they need to eat. Luke advises patients to avoid GMO foods if possible. According to him, even though GMO foods are approved by the FDA, their long term effects are still unknown. GMO crops are also designed to be pesticide resistant which means more pesticides in your diet. Luke, strongly advises patients to get pesticide free organic fruits and vegetables if possible. Though a strong link hasn’t been proved as of yet there are worries that GMO foods could be linked to various kinds of cancers.

So what are the foods that one must avoid while recovering? The first one is sugar. Research has shown that it is best to avoid sugar while recovering from cancer therapy. A person recovering should also avoid all kinds of processed foods that have preservatives that enhance taste and shelf-life. Deep fried foods are also best avoided with hydrogenated fat. Food from fast food restaurants contains both deep fried and processed food, so it really is a no no. A diet which is rich in fiber and leafy green vegetables will definitely lower your chances of getting cancer

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