Good Sleep: An underrated aspect of cancer recovery

Good Sleep: An underrated aspect of cancer recovery

The importance of good sleep in patients recovering from cancer is often underrated. Further complicating the problem is the fact that many patients recovering from cancer have insomnia as well. Sleep is an extremely important part of the recovery process. Patients recovering from cancer require a strong immune system in order to lessen the chance of a relapse occurring. The stronger a person’s immune system is the more effective it is in killing cancer cells.

A very effective way to boost your immune system is to ensure that you get enough sleep. But thanks to today’s 24/7 connected lifestyle, many people in the general population are not getting quality sleep. Recent studies have shown that people using their devices at night will have low quality sleep due to the blue light on their smartphone displays. Surgery and chemotherapy takes a very heavy toll on a cancer patient’s body. The body desperately needs good quality sleep in order for the muscles to rest and for the mind and body to recuperate. Patients who have undergone chemotherapy lose their hair, over time the body generates new hair as it recovers. If the patient gets good quality sleep the process of hair regrowth is accelerated.

So, whether you are recovering from cancer or just a healthy individual it is very important to remember to get good quality sleep.

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