Introducing CARER – A new way to recover from cancer

Introducing CARER – A new way to recover from cancer

The biggest fear that a cancer patient goes through is relapse. What if the cancer comes back? What if I am not be able to fight it then? What if my chances of survival are minimal? These questions can be mentally and emotionally disturbing for both, survivors and caregivers.

We understand the importance of medical care which plays a major role in determining the prognosis, but what happens when we go home to recover? We are left in the dark and completely clueless about what to do next after treatment, how to get back on our feet and ensure that the cancer does not return. Why is this segment of recovery ignored? A segment that is so integral to the outcome that it can most definitely limit the chances of relapse. There is no doubt today that cancer is becoming more of a lifestyle disease (to be precise, 90-95% of all cancer cases are lifestyle related) and even if the causative factor was genetic, lifestyle can still very much have a major part to play.

But these questions don’t need to cloud our minds anymore because we now have access to a reliable support system that focuses on weaning patients of medical care and into a healthy lifestyle. A system that has been years in the making and designed by world renowned specialists in the field of integrative healing focusing on nutrition, movement, mind-body, mental and emotional distress amongst many others for optimal health and recovery for those post treatment and in remission. The CARER Program is a simple solution to a major problem we face as survivors and caregivers. CARER answers the questions by experts in the field who educate and enrich your knowledge and provide healing modalities that gives you back the power and control of yourself. CARER helps you take the right steps in order to decrease your chances of relapse to the minimum and build a strong immunity; a key to blocking all barriers for illness.

CARER is an end-to-end comprehensive program that is convenient and effective and brings the best into the hands and homes of every one affected by cancer, survivors and caregivers. Moreover, CARER understands the importance of catering to family members and immediate caregivers as well and therefore has built the program such that they too receive care during recovery.

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Don’t let cancer beat you down!


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