Learn the most effective and best breathing practice today

Learn the most effective and best breathing practice today

Yoga therapy can be very effective in shortening the recovery time of a cancer patient. There are many basic yogic exercises which are easy to learn and practice. Patients are advised to learn from a therapist who knows proper yoga therapy for cancer patients.

A very easy to learn breathing practice is the Nadishuddhi Pranayam. This technique is also known as the “alternative nostril technique”. It is a basic breathing exercise which can be practiced by everyone. It has many benefits for patients which include re-energizing the body and mind. This technique also helps bring the mind of the patient to the present moment, to stop regretting the past and being anxious of the future. This technique has a variety of therapeutic effects, such as benefits to the circulatory and respiratory system and releasing accumulated stress from the body. The alternative breathing helps to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It also ensures the smooth flow of prana (life force) in the body by opening up energy channels. Nadishuddhi Pranayam yields the best results when it is practiced daily.



The CARER program contains video tutorials from renowned yoga therapist Neha Racca who incorporates this breathing practice at every level and stresses on the importance of this pranayama technique. This technique is useful not only for cancer patients but also for regular people who need a way to control the stress in their lives. Yoga therapy is slowly gaining more and more importance as a complementary care system for cancer patients.

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