Learn about professional home care for cancer survivors

Learn about professional home care for cancer survivors

Some cancer survivors may need help from professional home care aides. Some may require home care only after surgery while other patients may require it for a longer duration. The best thing about professional caregivers is that it gives relief to family members who are immediate caregivers. Receiving professional care at home allows the patient to spend less time at the hospital.

Patients who need help with daily tasks like cleaning and cooking are advised to seek help from professionals. There are different kinds of home care professionals. The list includes personal attendants, companions and home care guides. Each of these professionals has overlapping responsibilities. The type of home care required depends upon the type of cancer and the health of the patient involved. A companion offers support to the patient and also may do limited household tasks like cooking. A personal attendant does household tasks like laundry, cleaning and personal care. A home care aide may provide more advanced healthcare needs for the patient. This may include Ostomy care.

Home care aides receive additional medical training to help cancer survivors. Depending upon the needs of the patient it is best to choose a professional who has the necessary training and experience.

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