Why healing your body, mind and soul is necessary

Why healing your body, mind and soul is necessary

Integrative healing is a newly emerging discipline. While it is common in the west it is yet to make much of a mark in India. So what is integrative healing? It can be defined as a holistic approach to well-being in a patient. In conventional therapies patients are labelled as cancer free if the patient’s tumour is removed. Integrative healing views the patient as a whole person with physical, mental and emotional needs. Integrative healing looks at a patient as a human being first and patient later. Integrative healing is slowly becoming more and more prominent as doctors realise that cancer patients who are using integrative healing techniques are recovering faster.

Complementary therapies like yoga and meditation have been shown to be extremely helpful in providing relief to patients who are suffering from pain and fatigue. Integrative healing practices are followed in all major cancer care hospitals in the world. Integrative healing is a combination of complementary therapies and lifestyle counselling targeting the mind, body and soul of the patient. It consists of nutrition, lifestyle and stress management. Complementary therapies and lifestyle counselling are parts of integrative healing. Clinical trials have shown that cancer patients using integrative healing techniques like meditation and yoga therapy are recovering much faster and experiencing less severe side effects.


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