What yoga therapy can do for you when recovering from cancer

What yoga therapy can do for you when recovering from cancer

Modern science is just beginning to understand the many health benefits of yoga. While yoga is thousands of years old, yoga therapy is a newly emerging discipline which attempts to systematically apply the health benefits of yoga to fight disease. Yoga therapy for cancer patients attempts to use yogic techniques to counter side effects and improve the health of recovering cancer patients.

Yoga therapy helps the patient in reducing stress levels and strengthens immunity and physiological functioning. A good yoga therapist will analyze the patient’s medical history and then recommend a set of breathing exercises and postures that will help them quickly recover from any illness they have.

Research has shown that yoga therapy is one of the most effective means of complementary therapy.
Yoga therapy is derived from the Patanjali system of yoga and various ayurvedic principles that are designed to restore balance and improve the patient’s vitality.

Before undertaking yoga therapy it is important to ensure that the therapist you are seeing is properly certified. Not all yoga therapists are certified to deal with cancer patients. Cancer patients at different stages of recovery need different types of care. Depending upon the type of cancer some yogic asanas may not be possible for the patient, however restorative yoga therapy which focuses towards a more gentle form of movement has benefits for all. More and more doctors are recommending yoga therapy to recovering cancer patients everyday.

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