Benefits of the CARER Program

Benefits of the CARER Program

For the first time in India get expert cancer care in the comfort of your home. During recovery many cancer patients feel helpless and both caregivers and patients are lost, confused and absolutely unaware on what to do and how to get back to a healthy life. The CARER Program allows patients to feel empowered by taking health into their own hands and giving them control over their lives again. It emphasizes on self-learning and self-sufficiency, so you are less inclined to rely on anyone else.

CARER has brought evidence based integrative complementary therapies to India and created a platform that provides healing therapies from world renowned cancer care and integrative specialists to help you recover from the side effects of treatment and the ailment itself. The CARER Program has experts in movement therapy, meditation therapy, and lifestyle and nutrition therapy, all provided to you from the comfort of your home. The patient can gain from all the therapies, information and healing in his/her time and space and has the program for life.

The specialists in the CARER Program are pioneers in their respective fields, such as Luke Coutinho who is a world renowned nutrition and lifestyle coach. All 9 specialists are not easily accessible or affordable however they now bring their most effective healing resources, information and therapies to the CARER platform, so every cancer patient can access and heal from the best in the comfort of their home at a nominal price.

The CARER Program stresses on an integrative and holistic approach, targeting a patient’s physical strength through yoga therapy and emotional distress through meditation and counselling. In order to reach many patients, survivors and caregivers, CARER is priced affordably and gives access to world class specialists at a nominal rate. Flexible payment options means that everybody can afford the program.

Finally, the Program stresses on the importance of having support and human interaction which is essential for healing. Sometimes, communication or a helping hand from someone who cares can go a long way and therefore CARER has a strong in-house support team to connect with during the entire program, along with counselling services that are encouraged for patients and caregivers.

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