How CARER Program works

How CARER Program works

The CARER Program is a twelve week program that helps you recover from the side effects of treatment and the ailment itself. Most of the times recovering cancer patients face a dearth of information after their conventional medical treatment is over and hence we created this program by carefully curating a collection of resources and healing therapies for recovering patients.

We have worked with various renowned specialists who contribute their immense knowledge and experience to make sure their healing makes a difference in your lifestyle. The program delivers its content through audio, video and written content. It consists of 5 levels that include everything you need to get back to optimal health. The levels are called survive, heal, strengthen, live, and thrive. Each level is meticulously developed and offers video content and tutorials of holistic health coaching, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, yoga therapy and counselling. You can watch and learn lying in bed in the comfort of your home, all in your time and space. There is an easy step by step calendar that can be followed, if guidance is required.

The levels enable patients to start from the basics and and move along from one level to the next, as the content and tutorials becoming more advanced. The goal is to reach significant physical and mental strength by level 5, Thrive.

Along with this, We have a strong on-ground support team. These services include counselling, in-house consult and instant chat support. Patients are encouraged to engage with the CARER Program’s onground healing services.

The CARER Program brings all the resources you need to recover post-treatment.

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