Learn about the on-ground support provided by the CARER Program

Learn about the on-ground support provided by the CARER Program

The CARER Program offers a variety of services for recovering cancer patients. The CARER Program reaches out to cancer patients in the comfort of their homes. The main medium of delivering the information and healing therapies in the program is through video, audio and written content by specialists. Along with this, the CARER Program also provides on-ground services and believes in providing support that is personal and tailored to the needs of every patient.

We are currently offering three different types of on-ground support.

  • Instant Counselling Sessions– We provide instant counselling sessions to each patient throughout the program with one session exclusively for family members or immediate caregivers.
  • CARER Instant Support– Patients and family members have the option of connecting to CARER with an instant online chat service.
  • CARER Consult Support– Coaching calls enable direct contact with CARER support staff to enquire about the product, answer queries, clarifications and give the patient an extensive understanding of why, how and what. Patients can get in touch using the email id: and also call us at +91 99000 16441.

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