Luke Coutinho – Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach for CARER Program

Luke Coutinho – Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach for CARER Program

Luke Coutinho is one of the world’s leading holistic nutritionists, speakers and exercise physiologists. He is also the author of the bestseller, The Great Indian Diet, and advocates eating smart, moving more and sleeping right. That according to him is the key to true health. Luke currently specializes in cancer and handles countless cases across the globe. He is involved in nutrition and micro nutrition for the prevention and healing of cancer and disease and is also involved in pain management. Luke also works with obesity-related diseases and with children all over the world. Luke has provided invaluable information for cancer survivors in the video lectures he has created for the CARER Program.

Luke strongly believes that we are all products of nature and if we align ourselves, that is the way we eat, sleep, think and move with nature, then anything that’s a problem, call it arthritis, cancer, diabetes, obesity, slowly fades away With advanced certifications from Australia and New York, Luke is tied up with leading hospitals in New York and London and is currently involved in preventive research and study of Curcumin (turmeric), herbs, plants and papaya leaves, used in the treatment of cancer and disease. He practices in the field of holistic nutrition, lifestyle medicine, exercise physiology and lifestyle coaching.

Luke has extended is knowledge about nutrition and lifestyle in the CARER Program, giving the right information about food habits, the do’s and don’ts and effective ways of healing through diet and lifestyle. Luke has provided extensive knowledge and information about dietary habits and how to increase immunity, strength and live a quality life through lifestyle changes. He goes further to eradicate myths and misconceptions and gives his view on the foods to completely avoid when recovering from cancer and reducing chances of relapse.


  • Tejal Desai
    June 17, 2017 at 5:36 am

    Am a breast Ca survivor am hormone positive and need help in managing my diet

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