Meher Randhawa – Genetic Counsellor for CARER Program

Meher Randhawa – Genetic Counsellor for CARER Program

Meher Randhawa is a trained genetic counsellor and is well versed in the field of cancer genetics. Having worked in Health Care Global and Manipal hospital, Bangalore, India, she is well acquainted with the strong association of genes and cancer. Her training ranges from Glasgow (Southern General & Duncan-Guthrie research centre) to Bangalore during which she came to understand that pre and post cancer treatment is as important and relevant as the on-going treatment of a patient affected with cancer.

Genetic Counselling has opened up a more holistic view of cancer treatment, by bringing concepts such as ‘lifestyle changes’ and ‘environmental changes’ to the forefront, now looking at cancer treatment as more than radiation and chemotherapy. The body is constantly trying to find a state of homeostasis, and more often than not we underestimate the positive role nutrition, exercise and stress management can impact our health and our lives. Meher has brought her knowledge to the CARER Program with an informative session on genetic counselling.

Meher has always advocated that a detrimental genetic result doesn’t define your health and life. A positive mindset and a change in lifestyle can dramatically reduce a person’s risk of developing cancer and recovering from it. Meher has given a powerful and informative talk on genes and cancer in the CARER Program. Meher eradicates myths, explains the concept in detail and tells you ways in which you can control a high risk gene through diet and lifestyle. Bringing forth the concept of epigenetics. Meher’s talk will enrich your knowledge even further about cancer and what can be done.

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