Online counselling with Type-A-Thought

Online counselling with Type-A-Thought

Often cancer survivors face troubling questions on intimacy and sexuality after their treatment is over. Cancer treatment takes a heavy toll on their bodies and minds. Many survivors do not feel comfortable talking to their doctors and counsellors about their sexual health. Some survivors face financial problems after expensive cancer treatments and this leads to stress in their lives. This is where Type a Thought comes to the rescue.

Type a Thought is the first of its kind online counselling platform that lets cancer survivors chat with cancer recovery experts and counsellors online. The platform allows users to chat with verified experts without having to reveal their identity. Type a Thought has been developed by Dr. Ajay Phadke, who has recruited the best counsellors to provide instant online chat support to survivors. Once you purchase the CARER Program you get full access to Type a Thought’s counsellors. The Type a Thought platform has a number of counsellors who will help you recover to full health. To know more about the Type a Thought program you can visit

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