Dr. Vishal Rao – World Renowned Surgical Oncologist for CARER Program

Dr. Vishal Rao – World Renowned Surgical Oncologist for CARER Program

Dr. Vishal Rao is associated with the CARER Program and advises the team about various therapies and cancer care.

About Dr. Vishal Rao 

Dr. Vishal got his bachelors in medicine and masters in head and neck surgery from Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences. He is a renowned cancer specialist based in Bangalore, India and is deeply involved in neck and head surgery. He is the member of the high powered Committee on Tobacco Control & Cancer Prevention, Govt. of Karnataka and In-charge Coordinator, Union of International Cancer Control at Healthcare Global Cancer Centre, Bangalore. Dr. Vishal also acts as an Associate Editor for Cancer Therapy & Oncology International Journal and works with W.H.O. and its partners in collaboration with state and union government to implement FCTC-Framework Convention for Tobacco Control through National Tobacco Control Program. He has served as an Assistant Professor at Kidwai Memorial Institute and appointed as Fellow at Tata Memorial Hospital, and as visiting Scholar at University of Pittsburgh, School of Medicine.


He is presently associate editor of Cancer Therapy and Oncology International Journal and has more than 30 national and international publications to his credit, while being a reviewer for 8 international journals himself. He has also won many awards. Adding to his accolades, Dr. Vishal is a TED speaker and recent recipient of the Rotary Vocational Training Award 2016 for inventing the voice prosthesis for throat cancer patients.

Dr. Vishal Rao’s Invention

Neck and throat cancer patient’s get their voice box removed due to the inability to speak, therefore Dr. Vishal invented a voice prosthesis device that helps cancer patient’s to speak again. As everyone knows that cancer patients undergo a lot of emotional trauma right from the time of diagnoses till the end of treatment, and even after the treatment ends, the side-effects of the treatment make them physically and emotionally low. Losing your voice adds to this trauma to a great extent. Dr. Vishal has now solved that problem. The device is named as Aum and weighs 25 gms, costing only a total of Rs. 50/-. “We decided to term it Aum as that is the sound which first resonated across the universe. Regaining one’s voice is so much like a rebirth,” said Dr Rao to the Hindu newspaper.


Dr. Vishal Rao and the CARER Program

We are happy to share with you that Dr. Vishal is an expert on the CARER panel and will render his advise, expertise and knowledge for CARER Program and CARER patients. He is greatly involved in the various therapies provided by the CARER Program to ensure that every cancer patient gets the best cancer care. Being in the forefront of innovation, CARER now not only has onboard a world class oncologist but a doctor who strives for the best care in the most innovative manner possible.

To listen to Dr. Vishal Rao’s brilliant and informative talk click below –

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