Is it possible to heal cancer through spiritual healing?

Is it possible to heal cancer through spiritual healing?

Whether you are a sceptic, atheist or a deep believer in spirituality, religion or a higher power, when you are diagnosed with cancer there is an innate feeling of hope, pray and surrender to a higher self. For some of us, it is expressed through pray and others through some form of meditation. Intuitively we believe that this surrender, belief or even spirituality might improve our health.


Now there are those who are completely pragmatic, look at the world black and white and ride purely on proven scientific research, but even these people, at a time when they are faced with a disease or illness that can cause potential death, surrender to some sort of hope at a subconscious state of mind or at least wish too.


Whether you believe in it or not, there is a whole wide world that co-exists besides the realm of science and “proven” techniques. We write “proven” because remember “there is a difference between absence of evidence for a particular therapy and evidence of absence for the same.”  Think about that for a second…

Spiritual Healing & Energy Healing

Spiritual healing or energy healing is the branches of alternative medicine in which the healer channelizes energy into the body by various methods, which consequently has positive impacts on healing. It is the imbalance of the energy fields in the body which are the cause of many illnesses and therefore balancing it will aid in the process of healing. Spiritual healing is said to have positive impact on mental and physical wellbeing.

Prayer and spirituality have been linked to better health; reduced hypertension and stress, greater psychological and physical wellbeing.

Spiritual Healing for Cancer Patients

Spiritual healing includes Contact Healing, Distant Healing, Therapeutic Touch, ReikiQigong and Pranic Healing.


Reiki is said to reduce the side-effects of treatment, help in pain management, fatigue, nausea, improvement of overall wellbeing of a cancer patient, however it must be noted that this will not cure cancer. In Reiki the person uses his/her hands to transmit energy to the cancer patient.

Spiritual healing should be complemented with conventional treatments. The results vary depending upon the person and his/her mental outlook.


In therapeutic touch, the practitioner moves his/her hands over the body which may help balance the energy fields in the body that enhances the wellbeing of the patient. Healing touch or therapeutic touch and reiki is considered as biofield therapy in integrative oncology. Healing touch is said to bring relaxation physically and mentally, improve the immune response and reduce fatigue.

The perception on spirituality is different for each one. Spiritual stress relief strategies will help cope and manage the cancer treatment and these techniques do not have any side-effects. Studies have shown that those cancer patients who get spiritual support by communities are shown to improve quality of life. The reason behind improvement is individual faith or the healing strategies, are still yet to be confirmed.

It must be noted that when indulging in any additional (alternative) therapies, it’s important to always consult with your doctor to make sure it does not contradict any current conventional treatment that is being taken. Although very seldom would it, but as your consulting doctor knows your case best, his/her opinion is important. 












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