The Importance of enzymes for digestion: Raw vs Cooked Food

The Importance of enzymes for digestion: Raw vs Cooked Food

Role of Enzymes

Very few of us are aware of the role of enzymes in the digestive process. Enzymes are chemical catalysts that help pre-digest food. Raw food already contains enough enzymes in them to help the body to digest it. For example, an organic raspberry has enough natural enzymes in it to help the body break it down without the need for the pancreas to generate additional enzymes.

Unfortunately for us, the modern diet is of primarily cooked food and no raw and our main source of nutrition and energy. Cooking destroys the naturally occurring enzymes in the food which means that the pancreas has to produce the necessary enzymes to help digest it. Fifty percent of the body’s energy is devoted to the digestion process. If we have sufficient enzymes then the amount of energy required in the digestion process is lessened to a great extent.b25-proteins-enzymes-19-638


Enzymes are very important because even if the food you are ingesting is not very healthy, enzymes help reduce inflammation by breaking it down and making it easier for the body to absorb it.  This is how enzymes help combat inflammation that results from having unhealthy food.

Dr. Daniel Nuzum suggests that people should take enzymes before eating cooked food. This will reduce the load on your pancreas to produce the necessary enzymes. Dr. Nuzum also mentions that the amounts of enzymes that can be produced by the pancreas are finite. That is why elderly people often have digestive problems as the amount of enzymes they can produce is over. Enzymes are also helpful not only in the process of digestion but also for breaking down waste in other parts of the body. A healthy amount of enzymes greatly reduces the load placed on the liver. Dr. Nuzum also advises people to try taking fulvic acid supplements to enhance digestion.

The other option, and can be done starting now, is to always add some amount of raw food with your meal. Cut vegetables and salads to complement the cooked meal is very helpful.

The pancreas produces different kinds of enzymes to help break down different kinds of food. But it also must be noted that there are number of factors that aid digestion, including saliva, chewing, bile and good bacteria in the digestive tract. Enzymes of course are the major source. There is said to be a major relation to depleted enzymes and pancreatic cancer!

To know more you can watch the video interview of Dr. Daniel Nuzum in the link below. Interview_

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