Can Food Replace Medicine?

Can Food Replace Medicine?

Natural healing with right nutrients, food, and supplements can cut short your visit to your physicians and surgeons drastically. Synergy is the new keyword with food as medicine in treating patients holistically.

Food is medicine

Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, is the author of the phrase Food is Medicine.  He also advised us to leave our drugs in the chemist’s pot if the patient can be healed with food. The great mathematician Pythagoras treated a queen suffering from Acute Jaundice with goat’s milk and banana.

The relation between food and health was established in ancient time, and now we in the modern times realize the truth. It is evident that food plays a significant role in health and how you feel on a daily basis and improve immunity to thwart future incidents of predicament.

Optimum health benefits

We failed to realise the truth that healthy eating habits bring in maximum health benefits. The tribal elders would seek out healing herbs and plants for their community and food would be applied prescriptively to bring about healing. When we moved away from natural cure to packaged synthetic drugs and artificial remedies, the problem became aggravated.

Processed Vs Natural

The processed diet embedded with fat and sugar has left the deterioration of human health for generations to generations. The result is increased incidents of obesity and disease. Food has the power to prevent much of the chronic illness, and it makes sense to change the food habits. The stress, nutrition, hormone balance and the health of our gut are the results. The important detoxification does not happen without the right food.

The answer is with you and nature

Understanding of the fact that inflammation is the underlying trigger mechanism to all ailments is crucial. Can the prevention, reversal, cancer treatment are possible with dietary changes.

There is definitely a disclaimer required and that is certain diseases or illnesses require medical intervention. In fact medicine has excelled in the space of emergency and acute trauma. Chronic illnesses require medicine + lifestyle changes.  

Dr. Sunil Pai on the power of plants and nutraceuticals to restore health

Food Is Medicine



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