Eating clean or detoxification?

Eating clean or detoxification?

Spring cleaning of your body is a great idea but also an idea you should actually execute regularly. There is always substantial amount of toxins that needs to be purged out of the body. It maybe referred to as detoxifying as well, but it can be as good as throwing out the rotten vegetables and canned food from the drawer or freezer. Clean eating also denotes a sort of fasting if you can afford to do so. Or at least make a reasonably sensible schedule of food intake.

What is clean eating?

Clean eating means eating the right options in each of the food groups. That means a balanced intake, embracing foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy proteins. This means avoiding junk food, processed food, and canned foods. A clean eating shall keep a check on weight management.

Raw Vs processed food

Eating raw is a good starting point for clean eating. But foods that are pesticide or chemical free is tough. Replacing processed foods, pastries, and fried foods with more fruits and vegetables is critical.

Organic food

The source of the food you eat is crucial. Organic food is a good option to reduce intake of pesticides. Wild caught fish, grass fed beef, natural salt, and spring water, etc. If you can get this, then there is nothing like it!. Fresh fruits and vegetables rather than preservative-laden one are much more desirable. Sugar as far as possible is to be avoided. Poultry farms use a lot of antibiotics, hormones weight gainers. These are not good for your health.

Fashion food

Ice creams, colas or even juice is not great for health. Rather than full-fat chips and fried stuff, plain nuts would do much more for you. And as a thumb rule, all costly foods are not good for your health. Clean eating is lean eating too.

The difference between eating clean and detoxification, is that clean eating is removal of processed, junk, hydrogenated oils, alcohol, sodas and so on from your diet. Detoxification can be viewed as the same however a bit more extreme in its approach. It is the elimination of toxins in a short specified amount of time. While clean eating does the same, we should be eating clean almost 90% of our time!


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