Is there a link to breast cancer and alcohol consumption?

Is there a link to breast cancer and alcohol consumption?

How many drinks per day are safe as far as breast cancer risk is concerned? Unfortunately, the answer is ZERO. This is what 120 studies worldwide covering 12 million women with 260,000 among them had breast cancer, have exposed.

If you can cut short the alcohol intake, nothing like it!

Having a physically active lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight throughout life and limiting alcohol are the steps women can take to lower their breast cancer risk.The researchers also found out that drinking 10 grams of alcohol per day was associated with a 5 percent increased risk of breast cancer in premenopausal women and a 9 percent increased risk in postmenopausal women, compared with the women who don’t drink.

One strange coincidence is that whoever consumes alcohol invariably eat more junk food which adds up to the risk of breast cancer. One theory is that the molecules in alcohol, when broken down by the body, can change the hormone level. Alcohol consumption is associated with elevated levels of the female sex hormone Estrogen.(The molecules are broken down into acetaldehyde, a chemical that can cause mutations in DNA, which can potentially lead to cancer)

That hormone imbalance can be more on the person at the post-menopausal stage. The BMI (body mass index) is yet another factor which adds to the risk. The study also found that taller women have a greater risk of breast cancer, the researchers found.

Additionally, breastfeeding decreases the risk of breast cancer, and greater weight gain in adulthood increases the risk of postmenopausal breast cancer.

So how can you protect yourself? 

  • Maintain a healthy weight and normal BMI.
  • Exercise at least 150 minutes (2½ hours) per week at a moderate intensity, such as brisk walking, or greater.
  • Limit alcoholic beverages to one per day, on average.
  • Mostly eat a plant-based diet, high in vegetables and fruits and low in sugars and refined carbohydrates




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