When you’re a working professional and struck by cancer

When you’re a working professional and struck by cancer

Cancer – What do you know about it?

Cancer is such a disease which might show nominal symptoms or none at all, but turns out to become a major problem. An employee with a regular and simple schedule with a healthy life can also suffer from cancer due to high levels of stress, poor eating habits, sleep deprivation, imbalanced schedules, lack of movement and exercise, regular intake of alcohol and smoking cigarettes, working in factories and dangerous environments. Not bound to this, but these can be causative factors.

Cancer and After Treatment Issues

For an employee, once diagnosed and recovered from cancer, it is extremely challenging and difficult to manage work life after treatment, in terms of attendance, finance, coping up with the work assigned, adjusting to a “new normal”, mental and emotional stigmas, sharing problems with colleagues and higher management or the boss.

Employees with Cancer in MNCs

There are few MNCs who have their own wellness programs for their employees in India, which provide regular medical checkups, stress management and organise fitness programs for weight loss. There are also some independent wellness companies which are tying up with corporates to provide healthy and stress free life for employees, but what happens beyond that?

Providing services for cancer survivors is a very dedicated and long lasting relationship that needs to be built and provided to employees who are eager to get back to their original work life, but are physically and mentally unable to do so. There needs be a supportive environment provided for them, beyond their family members and caregivers.

There are some international organisations who are involved in providing effective measures to cancer survivors to give them a reason to survive and work on their passion again. There are services which help the employees to cope with their careers, create a supportive and friendly environment with colleagues, maintain regular healthy lifestyle habits through proper diet and nutrition and regular physical and mental exercise to overcome physical restrictions and depression and grief.

Is that Sufficient and Effective?

On the other hand, companies in India might have “health and wellness programs” for their employees but what happens to personalized attention on chronic diseases like cancer that are rising amongst employees and the work culture today? How are these people battling a disease and returning to work with high productivity levels?

The work culture in India is stringent and erratic at the same time. The increase in the number of working professionals, longer and more stressful working hours, increasingly competitive environments, cancer is becoming rampant and after completion of the treatment, employees find themselves again at the starting point off the race. There are major feelings of demotivation, helplessness, no will to live and unable to adjust to their present professional environment.

CARER Program:

CARER program wants to change this and will. CARER is coming up with personalized corporate programs for employees who are battling cancer and or are in remission. CARER will provide the right healing mechanisms, that target body, mind and soul, in order to bring back an employee who has fought cancer with full strength, determination, zest for life and productivity than ever before.

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