Life of a Warrior

Life of a Warrior

Many cancer survivors don’t realise actually how strong and fearless they are. They don’t recognise the innate power they have within them to fight for their life, only to come out stronger and more powerful. Cancer can be so debilitating mentally and physically, that is hard for cancer survivors to recognise this within themselves. National cancer survivors day is a recognition of this power, however it is our prerogative to remind them every single day!

Why? because we need to see it from the perspective of a survivor…

Cancer is unchosen, unplanned and an uncertain battle which is fought by most patients like a warrior. Who ultimately survives sometimes depends on willpower and faith. Cancer is now not only a disease amongst the elderly but is rampant with the younger generation and even children. When the fear converts into hope and a fighting spirit, its then when cancer patients turn into survivors.

Even if cancer survivors don’t utter a word about his or her suffering, the inner soul speaks this:

What I suffer from-

The scenario in India is going from bad to worse. Patients who are diagnosed by cancer, 70% of them relapse and eventually succumb to the disease and only 30% survive for five years or longer. During survival they don’t only survive from cancer but they have to deal with many other problems and issues around them:

Financial Constraints: Money seems to flow faster than water, starting from admission in hospitals to surgeries and treatments. The financial assistant is sometimes zero. Even insurance turns out to be inadequate at times.

Employment Issues: After suffering from cancer, energy and motivation levels get very low. There is no will to start again, even if he/she wants to.

Hesitation: In fact there is a hesitation to start anything again. Hesitation of being social, hesitation of speaking to people and even family. Going back to a normal life.

Relationships: 50% of couples split during cancer diagnosis and this mostly happens in breast cancer.

Along with this, there are many other issues which a cancer survivors faces after the disease.

How will I gain my strength?

Support and caring is the strength of cancer survivors. They want to be listened to and talk endlessly about how they feel without being a burden on anyone. Coaching them and handling mental disturbances can give them hope to survive and can also give them purpose to live.

To keep the cancer survivors mentally and physically stable, yoga and meditation are the best therapies to heal mentally and physically, while minimizing pain.

In India CARER program  has come up with a comprehensive cancer survivors program, which focus on all the factors and angles, at a holistic level.  In this program, the services provided keeps survivors fit and well, mentally, emotionally and physically.

The battle can be unchosen but the life of a warrior is one which can be full of health, happiness and contentment.


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