Dr. Veronique Nicolai and Dr. Viji Balasubramanian – Heartfulness Meditation Trainers


Dr. Veronique Nicolai is a French Pediatrician (MD) who started her journey with Heartfulness meditation in France as a medical student. She has been involved in Heartfulness Training Programs in India from 2002, helping meditators from around the world to go deeper into their practice and to become trainers themselves.

Dr. Viji Balasubramanian has spent the last 2 decades of her life marrying the fields of medicine and engineering. She has worked at many prestigious institutions in the USA, such as the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and the University of Chicago hospitals. She has published in pedigree journals such as Nature Medicine. After 20 years in the USA, she returned to her hometown of Chennai.  Always looking to empower people and increase the effective functioning and consciousness of society at large, she now works as a Self-Development coach, helping people integrate mind, body and spirit.

The Heartfulness Institute offers a special program for people of the CARER program who are in treatment for cancer, for people in remission, as well as their families. Heartfulness Trainers are available all over the world  to provide you with a personalized meditation program that can be done in the comfort of your home and at your own pace. The specific element of the Heartfulness meditation is Yogic Transmission, the ‘essence’ that allows an individual to connect deep within themselves, experience quietude, inner courage and deep, permanent changes in those who meditate.