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Personalised CARER Program is built and created just for you. We do a complete analysis of your case and lifestyle, after which our specialists curate a program specific to your needs.

“I am extremely satisfied with your service, you guys are really doing a great job. Yoga & meditation is excellent. I enjoy it, it gives me stamina to work for the whole day and keeps me out of stress. After every session of yoga & meditation I feel better. The diet intervention is also helping me a lot in managing the chemotherapy better. Immunity has improved tremendously and I am also learning how to sustain my health and the practices from this program, once its completed.”

Mahendar, Brain Cancer Patient. Jaipur

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Diet & Nutrition

The saying, “You are what you eat” cannot be more true, especially when it comes to healing from cancer and those who are on the road to recovery.

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Yoga & Meditation

A key component to healing is movement. Physical rehab and physical detox is the required to re-build your body and mind back to strength.

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Coaching & Counselling

Coaching is important in dealing with all the stress, anxieties, fears and other mental and emotional strains you feel when diagnosed with cancer.

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