Neha Racca – Yoga Therapist and Master


The CARER Program is happy to have Neha Racca as it’s yoga therapist. Neha’s passion for yoga began in school as an extension to gymnastics. She started her Yoga journey with B K S Iyengar style yoga at the age of 12. Focusing only on the Asanas, she mastered and won several yoga awards consecutively for several years. She was a Gold medalist in the International yoga competition in 1996 organized by the international yoga federation of India.

She was a part of a TV show for DD Sports named Sahaj Swasthya for 2 years. She then went on to complete her diploma and MSc in yoga from Svyasa University, Bangalore in 2005. Her services include therapeutic yoga in treating various ailments, psychosomatic disorders and cancer, with working numerous cancer patients over the years. She then started working with Arogyadhama rehabilitation centre in Bangalore and is currently conducting therapy classes.

She completed a certificate course in advanced Pranic Healing & Pranic Psychotherapy from All India Yoga Vidhya Pranic Healing Foundation Trust, Pune, 2006. Neha is always ready to update her skills and knowledge in the field. Even today she keeps herself open to all schools of yoga and practices different styles of yoga. Her passion of teaching includes Astanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Rhythmic yoga, Flow yoga, Power yoga, Yin and Yang yoga, etc.

In 2015 the government of India selected Neha as the Indian yoga ambassador to Vietnam on International yoga day, where she led a session of about 5,000 people. At present she is a director of Itiyoga firm in Bangalore. Neha believes in a complete holistic approach toward a healthy lifestyle.

Neha brought her knowledge and training to the CARER Program by crafting a powerful yoga therapy series that are restorative practices aiding and helping cancer patients in recovery. These include breathing asanas to stretching and strengthening techniques, along with a series of mind-full meditations for the body, mind and soul.