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CARER Online

For the first time you can get everything you need to know about healing from cancer on your finger tips. This information kit and practice guide is a step to step process required for you to heal to optimal health.

  • Info and practice tutorials on Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation, Coaching and Counselling sessions.
  • Enrich your knowledge with information on healing recipes, food, movement therapies, grooming tips and much more!
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Home Care

In case you want personalised attention right at your doorstep, then this is it. We send you the most specialised cancer care therapists to help you deal with the side effects of your treatment and heal your body, mind and soul.

Our Home Care Services Include:

  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Counselling & Coaching
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Not sure what to do and want a plan created just for you?

Consult with our holistic health coach to create a plan best suited for your healing


I can say with absolute confidence that right after my chemotherapy, with the CARER Program I bounced back and fought cancer so bravely that it didn’t affect me that I ever had that disease. I have cleared my first test completely.
You can watch the video testimonial here.

Shobha Moorjani

Cancer Thriver

The CARER Program is a wholesome guide in transforming and changing your life post treatment for both the patient and the caregiver.
You can watch the video testimonial here.

Chandni Bahri

Cancer Caregiver

You should do everything that is possible to recover after cancer. It’s just changing and adopting your life to the situation. I think this is a must and every patient should do it.
You can watch the video testimonial here.

Mohit Saxena

Cancer Caregiver

Certainly such programs will not only improve a patient’s quality of life but also assist the doctor in treating the patient as a whole.
You can watch the video testimonial here.

Dr. Poonam Patil

Medical Oncologist

This is not a new way of dealing with long term illness and I’m so pleased that patients can now find these programs themselves on the Internet and be given on-ground support as well. I would like to give a massive thanks to Samara for her persistence with the CARER Program which will help so many people across the globe.

Chris lewis

Cancer Thriver

Using complementary therapies with mainstream treatment for comprehensive healing

All doctors and hospitals encourage you to use holistic and complementary therapies to help you achieve optimal health and healing from cancer!

Our Team of Specialists

Our specialists are pioneers in their respective fields and will work right beside you through your healing


Samara Mahindra

Holistic Health Coach

Dr. Vishal Rao

Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Veronique Nicolai and Dr. Viji Balasubramanian

Heartfulness Meditation Trainers

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Our world renowned specialists help you heal in the comfort of your home


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