How do you deal with losing your hair during cancer?

How do you deal with losing your hair during cancer?

Losing your hair is one of the most distressing and demotivating side effects of cancer treatment. Although a distress that is aesthetically bound, it can cause major disturbances mentally, ending up as physical distress as well. Being a woman, I can say that there needs to be ways in which we can deal with this effectively. The notion exists, your life being saved is the most important and therefore the side effects of doing so is minimal and irrelevant, especially if it has something to do with the way you look. But this is untrue, it is more than how we look. Much more! The way you look has a direct influence in the way you feel which in turn determines your recovery.

Skin discoloration can be managed and covered through the right make-up techniques and a good foundation, however to deal with the root cause, Vitamin E and coconut oils are great for blemished skin. If approved by your healthcare physician and suited for your skin type. Along with this, there are multiple sources to find headpieces, wigs and even trendy looking turbans. Additionally, eyebrow pencils can completely disguise the bareness or scarcity of eyebrows and many use pencils to draw the right shape.

When building the CARER Program, it was imperative for us to offer answers that could make you look and feel much better. Make-up tutorials on skin discolorations, headpiece tutorials and eyebrow tutorials, along with credible sources to find prosthetics has been included and advocated strongly on the platform. We want you to feel normal and feeling normal begins primarily with how you look. This is important for you and therefore important for us.

Cancer goes much beyond just saving your life and to be actively involved in making sure you feel your best is not wrong and must be prioritized.

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