If you know someone with cancer you might want to read on

If you know someone with cancer you might want to read on

As caregivers or knowing another person going through cancer, we are often helpless in the situation, however there is a lot we can do to help, starting with these:

Be sensitive but don’t be sympathetic – The last thing cancer patients need is another “Oh no, I’m so sorry”. In fact be more of a morale boosting companion that provides positive reinforcement and encourages them to fight and move on. This is so refreshing and motivating for a cancer patient because all they get is sympathy and that’s the last thing they need. We need to recognise the fact that we are all in this together and cancer is a journey we face as a human race. So be the kind of person you would like others to be with you.

Help in finding ways to be supportive – Offer with house help, managing chores, driving, writing emails and so on. Making a cancer patient’s daily routine easier will go a long way.

Provide helpful information – Information on cancer is everywhere and patients, caregivers and survivors are overwhelmed with the research out there. This causes anxiety and stress amongst those involved with cancer. But having the right data and information that can be helpful from a credible source will be highly appreciated by a cancer patient or a family member. Share helpful information that you come across. Be a part of the healing and help in putting the right people across to those who need it most.

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