Dr. Sukanya Ananth – Counsellor and Psychologist for CARER Program

Dr. Sukanya Ananth – Counsellor and Psychologist for CARER Program

Dr. Sukanya is currently working as a family therapist with her own private practice in Bangalore, India. Prior to this, she had worked as a consultant psychologist in Columbia Asia Hospital. Dr. Sukanya is a cancer survivor herself and experienced the mental, emotional and physical trauma a patient can experience first-hand, which she uses effectively in her counselling.

She has been a part of the NGO sector and has had experience in the field of counselling & therapy for the past twelve years. She is equipped with a Master’s degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and has previously worked as a stress counsellor representing Ergoworks at Fidelity Financial & Symphony. She has also worked as an EAP counsellor for and continued with them as a content writer.

Her approach to therapy is very eclectic and she uses a variety of techniques like CBT, REBT, person-centric, guided visualization, family systems therapy, mindfulness techniques etc. depending on the personality and needs of the client. Being a breast cancer survivor, she believes that she can contribute effectively in helping cancer patients with tools to cope with their illness and recovery. The CARER Program has greatly benefited from her experience with treating patients recovering from cancer.
Dr. Sukanya has always been interested in the mannerisms of people and intrigued by what motivates them to behave in certain ways. She incorporates the skills that she has gained from her experience in the corporate world, in terms of strategy planning, decision-making, critical & creative thinking, behavioural analysis, stress management and work-life balance in her role as a therapist.

In the CARER Program, Dr. Sukanya educates you about the various elements of counselling and healing, equipping you with tools and resources in order to deal with the illness, manage stress levels, cope with emotions and so on, with a dedicated segment for family members and immediate caregivers. Dr. Sukanya encourages you to engage in the counselling services offered by CARER and guides you on the pressing topics or issues that can be addressed with the counsellor or Psychologist.

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