Krissh – Meditation and Spiritual Guru for CARER Program

Krissh – Meditation and Spiritual Guru for CARER Program

Krrish has been on the journey of self-discovery all his life. In 2005, he took sanyaas of Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh (Osho) and in his later years discovered the teachings of Swami Nirmalannand. He is a thinker, teacher and shares his insights with anyone who is in need. The meditation therapies Krissh has created for the CARER Program will greatly help recovering cancer patients.

Krrish has dedicated his life to spiritual growth, awareness and inspiring people to change themselves to achieve greater heights. He is a spiritual mentor to many and has a huge number of followers and students in India as well as internationally.

For the CARER Program, Krissh has created and put together a series of practical and effective meditations specifically for cancer patients to use during recovery. These meditations help in managing stress, mindfulness and living a easier, smoother life. Krissh created the meditations focusing primarily on the side effects that a patient goes through and provides effective meditative therapies to eradicate these side effects.

These meditations include:

  •         Quick Anxiety Release Meditation
  •         Sleep Meditation
  •         Morning Meditation
  •         Temple of Love Meditation

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