This is the most important thing every cancer patient needs

This is the most important thing every cancer patient needs

Believe it or not but the number one thing that a cancer patient wants and needs during the time of recovery is CONVENIENCE. This might sound bizarre or untrue for some but if you are expecting a patient who has finally returned home from gruelling rounds of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to step out of their comfort zone even for their own betterment and wellbeing, is a far stretch. All he or she wants is to be normal and get back to a normal life…THAT’S IT.

But we cannot deny the fact that recovery is essential and providing the right therapies and healing during recovery should not be ignored. Healing does not happen when treatment is administered, it happens after treatment when a patient comes back home. The treatment suppresses immunity even further and hence it is critical to strengthen immunity and make lifestyle changes at this time, so we can minimise the risks of relapse. Unfortunately this segment is ignored however it is important for us in the healthcare space to meet patients where they are and not make it an even more uncomfortable experience than they have already been through.

When CARER was built, we seriously took this point into consideration and created a support system that doesn’t require patients to step out of their comfort zones and instead provides them with the expert healthcare in their very own space of healing, the comfort of their home.

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