Sabrina Suhail – Make-up and Hairstylist for CARER Program

Sabrina Suhail – Make-up and Hairstylist for CARER Program

Sabrina is a well-known and highly respected freelance make-up artist, primarily based out of Bangalore, India. She participated in a formal course in the Art of Make- up followed by a stint with a well-known makeup artist. One of the biggest achievements for a young achiever like her was to be handpicked by an international makeup giant as an in-house makeup consultant, where she worked for five years and mastered the various techniques to create looks for all sorts of occasions.

She also recently took part in the ‘Bald & Beautiful’ event which is an initiative to provide emotional support for those battling cancer, in hopes to create awareness and encourage those undergoing chemotherapy to engage in a social lifestyle. Apart from being a make-up artist, one of Sabrina’s biggest passions is to train people to use and apply make-up well. She believes that everyone is inherently beautiful and anyone can learn the art to enhance one’s existing beauty. Sabrina conducts regular training sessions for anyone who wants to learn how to efficiently apply make-up. Her sessions are interactive, informative, easy and most importantly – loads of fun! The CARER Program is happy to have her onboard as our makeup consultant.

Sabrina has created an in-depth make-up and hair tutorial for the CARER Program, which shows you exactly how to deal with skin disruptions, drawing eyebrows, along with a fun and interesting headpiece tutorial. Her videos are informative and interesting with fresh ideas to help you look and feel your very best. The side effects of cancer such as losing hair and skin disruptions can be emotionally distressing and Sabrina effectively deals with these issues through each one of her tutorials, making it easy and fun to follow.

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