CARER Founder’s Story

CARER Founder’s Story

There once stood a woman, strong, assertive and a successful entrepreneur on the outside, while adorning every bit of soulfulness within. A woman, who defied rules, broke down many barriers and fought against every stereotypical notion the world had to offer. One day this very same woman was given the biggest test of her life, CANCER, and while she fought long and hard abiding by her true nature, she lost. She lost because just like millions of others, she believed the odds were against her and the power to heal herself, didn’t reside within.

This woman is my mother and remains deeply engrained in my heart and many others I assure you. She left me with the courage to dig deeper, search further and make a difference. I did just that and in the journey I discovered cancer is not an external battle and healing always remains within us. Unfortunately, I couldn’t share this truth with her, but it has now become my personal endevour to share it with others. This is where the search to find various healing modalities to restore health post cancer treatment began. Now known as the CARER Program, which is a comprehensive recovery program using complementary therapies to serve patients post treatment so they can recover fully and effectively from the side effects of treatment and the cancer itself.

CARER provides you access to world renowned specialists and serves as a healing support system that carefully weans you from the long drawn physical and mental stress of medical treatment and hospitals, to adopting a healthier lifestyle by recuperating and rehabilitating effectively at home. CARER strives to incorporate a healthy lifestyle for the long run, keeping cancer at bay and reducing risks of relapse.

Because we care!

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