Yes it’s true we have to hold back on that meat: Declared a carcinogen!

Yes it’s true we have to hold back on that meat: Declared a carcinogen!

Eating meat has been the norm to a so called fit and strong body for decades now, however it has been declared that having processed meat is highly carcinogenic.

A study by the IARC concluded that eating processed meat causes colorectal cancer. It is said that every 50gm portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by about 18%.

Carcinogen are  introduced into the processed meat by its actual  processes of salting, curing, smoking and grilling.

Sodium nitrite a preservative which is used in meat can lead to the formation of carcinogenic nitrosamines when meat is overcooked or charred. Such carcinogenic nitrosamines can also be formed from the reaction of nitrite with secondary amines under acidic conditions (which occurs in the human stomach) as well as during the curing process used to preserve meats. Grilling or pan frying meat at the temperature of 300 degrees will lead to the formation of carcinogenic substances. To make matters worse for our meat eaters, even normal meat is now injected with growth hormones and antibiotics which then goes straight into our bodies. 

Avoiding meat in these forms or limiting your consumption completely is better as it produces uric acid, increasing inflammation and decreasing immunity, which is an ideal condition for cancer cells to thrive. A low fibre diet is easy to digest for a cancer patient. Instead use a vegetable protein as a substitute. For those who rather give up on life than give up their meat, we urge you to stick to organic farm raised meat without any Bovine growth hormones and antibiotics and is raised completely additive and pesticide free.

Now, do you have questions like:

“Should I choose a higher fiber diet during treatment?”

“How much meat is safe to eat?’

“Should we be vegetarians?”
Then go ahead and comment below and be a active caretaker of your health.

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