How you can keep one of the most important systems in your body healthy

How you can keep one of the most important systems in your body healthy

The lymphatic system is a part of the immune system that helps to protect us from infections and diseases. The lymphatic system consists of a thin transparent fluid called lymph which runs throughout the body. The network of the lymphatic system consists of lymphatic vessels and nodes. An efficient lymphatic system is crucial to our health as it’s involved in removing toxins from our body and acts as a defence mechanism in protecting us from external pathogens, bacteria and viruses.

Picture this: The lymphatic system is your very own drainage system that secretes waste and toxins from the body. 



Here are a few ways to keep your lymphatic system healthy

1. Reducing stress and anxiety


Long working hours and sedentary lifestyles increase stress levels, which has detrimental effects on our health. This slows down the flow of lymph fluid in the body which removes pathogens from the body. Involving yourself in exercises like meditation, mind-body therapies, music therapy, stretching exercises, yoga and Pilates will improve the circulation of lymph fluid.

2. Exercises and the lymphatic system

Due to reduced movement, the toxins get piled up at a location which is called as hypoxia and gives way to formation of cancer cells or metastasis of cancer cells. Therefore any type of exercise will keep the lymphatic system functional and healthy. Find an exercising partner as being accountable to one another will keep you regular.

3. Herbs lymphatic system cleanse


Herbs are great source for detoxification. Ginger and turmeric have anti-oxidants that boost immunity and also remove toxins. Boiling ginger and drinking the syrup once every day helps to detoxify.

4. Sweat and the lymphatic system


Perspiration is one of natural mechanism through which the body emits toxins. Hot yoga or saunas are some of the methods to increase perspiration that removes toxins from our body.

5. Anti-inflammatory diet

Citrus fruits, ginger, red fruits like raspberries and beet are good source of anti-oxidants which boosts the immune system. Pathogens and cancer cells do not thrive in alkaline environment therefore including fruits and vegetables in your diet is essential.

6. Drinking water

Drinking plenty of water helps to flush away toxins from the body. Adding lemon to warm water and drinking it every morning and night alkalizes your body and boost the lymphatic system.

7. Rebounding


Unlike horizontal movement like walking and jogging, rebounding exercises involve vertical movement of your body which improves the circulation of lymph fluid. Rebounding improves physical strength and stimulates lymphatic system. These include jumping on a trampoline, skipping, bouncing and plyometric exercises.

Avoid tight fitting clothes, try and have regular massages and standing in sunlight for few minutes everyday are other natural ways to remove toxins from your body. Toxins enter inside us through the food we eat, air we breathe and water that we drink, so detoxifying is important to prevent cancer cells from developing and spreading.

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