Fighting cancer- the unconventional way

Fighting cancer- the unconventional way

Having studied over 15000 cancer survivors Dr. Kelly Turner is convinced that there is more to what we see and hear about cancer. In a nutshell, these are the findings in preventing, occurring or relapsing. She calls it radical remissions and some may say it sounds like a miracle.

Emotional factors

Mostly, they all want to be active in spite of the Oncologists branding them as passive. These people cannot even express what they feel like. This suppression of feelings- stress, fear, anger, grief, or jealousy- weakens the immune system. But when they could release the emotions, the change was incredible.

Food that matters

The shift of food habits has helped them a lot. They almost forgot about the kindlers of taste buds-sugar, carbohydrates, fat, and salt. The shift was towards fresh organic vegetables and fruits .

Tune the brain

The change in the emotional content was another great comfort giver. Instead of those melancholic embedded face, once they started laughing and smiling, the exterior and interior changes started evolving. Instead of fear and sadness, Oxytocin started flowing again in them. The commands that they could successfully send to their brain like ‘I want to live,’ ‘I am going to be fine’ etc. would bring in positive results. The moral is that you can tune your brain to a very great extent.

Purge the unwanted

A good purging mechanism to the body is a must. The heavy dose of chemicals, drugs, and steroids accumulated in the body for the years should be pumped out. That spring cleaning would improve the immunity. More Vitamins and herbal supplements would help to get rid of toxins, absorb food better, and strengthen their immune systems.


The meditation would help the medication. A good nap, fresh air, and timely food would change the conditions dramatically. The socialisation and positive attitude would do the rest. (Remember the sanatorium treatment in earlier days for TB patients?)

There is always hope.


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10 Revolutionary Life Lessons from Studying Cancer Survivors

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