What really is a “healthy diet”?

What really is a “healthy diet”?

EPA change rule book

For the first time, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) of U.S.A is revamping the food we eat to keep the planet healthy. The Department of Agriculture and Department of Health and Human Services 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee would decide what the citizens should eat what they should not.

Ecological impact

The environmental concerns reach its peak as plans to provide direction on food choices that are better for human health and the planet. In short, the percentage of animal food shall be curtailed to encourage higher in plant foods thus saving the environment.

The moral is emerging with a bang -a diet with less meat and more plant protein is better for our health and the health of the planet. USDA guidelines of less meat and more vegetables are not being followed in the USA. The meat is produced in unhealthy manners, and it causes increased incidents of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. The increase in energy and production of greenhouse gasses are on the rise.

Energy need for animal based food

Meat production especially beef requires a lot of water and nitrogen-based fertilizers. The greenhouse emission is also high due to meat production at 36%. On the contrary vegetable production calls for much less water and fertilisers. And the greenhouse mission is also significantly lower. The vegetable lentils can cut down chronic illnesses like diabetes.

Stricter move to encourage vegetable consumption.

The importance of health and ecological benefits of eating more plant-based proteins need to be made public. This is not simple as said as the people are addicted to meat, and any change will be met with strong opposition.

The result

The result is in cleaner water, healthier, carbon-rich soils, fewer toxins, and greater biodiversity and pollinator habitation. A minor reduction of meat and dairy could have far-reaching positive impacts on our environment, economy, and health.

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