Nutrition for Cancer

Nutrition for Cancer


Food is the simplest drug available to all without so much as a prescription. The wonders of food and its healing properties can be used as your daily dose of medicine, cosmetic products, supplements, anti-biotic or growth boosters. Its much more than just calories or vitamins!

Our approach amalgamates the ancient sciences of naturopathy, Ayurveda, pulse diagnosis and modern nutrition to bring together a unique nutrition plan customized to individual needs.


Food plays a vital role in the development of illness. Most, if not all, health disorders begin with wrong food and eating habits. Centuries of experience in healthcare resulted in a conclusive statement – ‘The roots of all illnesses lie in the intestines’ Food provides the building material, the biochemical base for vital functions and energy for our existence.


Food ingredients when eaten at the right time, in the right combination, cooked righteously and suited to the right body type, can become your daily tonic and medicine in cancer. Simple kitchen herbs and spices like mint, cumin, pepper, ginger, holy basil, lemon etc. do much more than provide flavour – they can be the remedy to symptoms like digestive distress, nausea, muscle wasting, acidity or loss of appetite!

Authored article by Dhvani Shah – CARER Clinical Nutritionist

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