What this tiny fruit can do for your health?

What this tiny fruit can do for your health?

Nature is abundant with goodness, majorly being food. Each food ingredient, be it a fruit, a vegetable, a grain or an oilseed is loaded with the highest form of nutrition that is directly available to the body. However, each food ingredient must be eaten at the right time, in the right combination, cooked using correct methods and in the right proportion to extract maximum nutritional benefits from it.

Amla, known as the Indian Gooseberry, is one of the few fruits to have in-numerous health benefits. It is indeed a food that compliments/ replaces medicines.



Our body goes through constant wear and tear every day due to various physical movements, chemical reactions and emotional stress. This wearing of the body and its cells result in the production of ‘Free Radicals’ that causes oxidative damage to the body. Simply put, oxidative damage is when these free radicals hamper cellular functioning. Long-term oxidative damage causes early ageing, skin and hair dullness, and onset of diseases, tiredness and deficiencies. Vitamin C is an ‘antioxidant’ that reduces the free radicles in the body and in-turn thwarts ageing, helps cure diseases and provides vitality.

1 tbsp of fresh amla juice has more vitamin C content than 10kgs of oranges. Here’s how an amla can be used as your medicine.



A tablespoon of fresh amla juice mixed with equal quantity of honey taken everyday early in the morning is the surest medicine to prevent one from tuberculosis of lungs, asthama, bronchitis, bleeding tendencies, scurvy, anaemias, infection, weakness of memory, cancer, stress, tension, greying of hair and colds.



Amla and bittergourd are often used widely in the treatment of diabetes. However, the combination of the two produces miraculous results. A tablespoon of fresh amla juice mixed with a cup of fresh bittergourd juice taken once daily for a couple of months stimulates the pancreas to produce more Insulin, thus helping in treating Diabetes.



A teaspoon of fresh amla juice mixed with poppy-seed milk and mishri taken twice a day is very effective medicine to cure dysentery, diarrhoea, colitis, amoebiasis, piles and other digestive distress. A tablespoon of fresh amla juice mixed with a cupful of coconut milk taken twice a day for a week expels tapeworms and hookworms.



1 teaspoon of amla powder mixed with jaggery taken twice a day for a month is used in the treatment of rheumatism, gout, arthritis and bone disorders. This remedy also aids in the treatment of piles, rectal fissures, anaemia and jaundice.

So this small, extremely sour and delicious fruit has more health benefits than you can ever imagine. It has profound effects on your immune system and healing from any minor or major illnesses.


Authored article by Dhvani Shah – CARER Clinical Nutritionist

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