Author: Samara Mahindra

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What is cancer?

No, cancer is not a death sentence, but instead is a rapid proliferation of cells in the body. In basic terms, this just means it is an uncontrollable division of abnormal cells. It is essential to understand that we all have cancer cells in our...

Recovery and rehabilitation after cancer treatment

Its surprising to find that recovery and rehabilitation is almost always considered physical. Something that relates to strengthening physiological function, musculoskeletal conditioning or increasing range of motion, or the other connotation falling into the realm of drug and alcohol abuse. But if you were to...

What causes cancer?

It must be understood that cancer is usually taken as a lump or growth however the tumor is only the symptom of the disease, while cancer begins at a molecular level in the body. The physiological effects that cancer has on your body are the...

Cancer misconceptions

Although there are many stigmas attached to cancer, below highlights the ones that are most applicable to India and breed the greatest amount of damage. Cancer is a social stigma because it is contagious Cancer is not communicable, contagious or infectious in any way. Although this...

An Integrative Approach to Healing

Integrative healing or integrative oncology is a combination of various complementary therapies that work towards healing the body as a whole. Cancer is a symptom and a result of a depleted immune system and a disrupted homeostatic state in the body. While conventional treatment such...

Immunity and Inflammation

Immunity is key and inflammation is more so the catalyst in driving the immune system into a right or wrong direction. Inflammation is simple, any stress related injury in the body causes inflammation and while certain levels of inflammation is actually good for the body,...

How do we deal with fear?

Isn't it amazing that there is just one thing keeping us from living to our true potential, doing what we love, diving in and not looking back? Fear, and yet we succumb to it every single day, when all we need to do is face it...