What does CARER stand for?

CARER Program- the acronym to CAncer REcovery and REhabilitation is an integrative and holistic cancer rehabilitation program for patients who are going through treatment or post treatment. These people are looking to regain control of their body, mind and soul.

What does CARER focus on?

CARER focuses on five main objectives:

  1. Building immunity (physical, mental, spiritual and emotional).
  2. Providing you with effective measures in helping decrease the chances of relapse.
  3. Decreasing side effects of treatment.
  4. Increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.
  5. Helping you heal and recover from the treatment and the cancer.
How does CARER work?

The CARER Program provides you with cancer care specialists in the comfort of your home. We are an extension of mainstream treatment, providing you with therapies that help in dealing with the collateral damage treatment and cancer can cause, mentally and physically. This program is for patients going through treatment and post treatment. Through personalised services, we focus on nutrition, meditation, counselling and yoga.

You have the option of consulting with our Holistic Health Coach who will evaluate your condition and case and propose a suitable plan for you.

CARER Program are for:

  • Patients in treatment
  • Patients who are in remission or NED
  • For all types of cancers
  • Both genders
  • Preferably over the age of 15 and above
  • Primary caregivers or family members
What are the services CARER provides?

Personalised Diet and Nutrition – CARER Nutrition is an extensive diet and nutrition protocol that goes over the span on two months (8 weeks). Over here we focus on building immunity as your body requires the right nutrition at this point. Your personal nutritionist will work with you on diet plans, created specific to your case, diagnosis, prognoses and adapted to your taste and preferences.

Your nutritionist will be in touch with you every two weeks and provide you with meal plans that might need to be modified according to how you are feeling, adapting and healing.

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Emotional and Mental Well-Being – In this healing program, you have access to a Meditation Trainer, Counsellor and Holistic Health/ Lifestyle Coach. Your meditation trainer helps in relaxation and meditations, while a professional counsellor helps you through stress, anxiety and fears that you might be having at this point. Your health coach focuses on coaching you through dietary habits, exercise, stress management, work-life balance and so on. We recommend that all the sessions are over a period of two months (8 weeks).

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Personalised Yoga Therapy – Yoga therapy focuses on physical rehabilitation. This program is extremely effective to take at a time when you have regained some amount of strength and energy. Yoga will help you further build that. We offer 16 sessions of Yoga at the comfort of your home. We recommend that all the sessions are over a period of two months (8 weeks).

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Holistic Health Coaching – If you are confused or unaware of what healing might suite you best. You can schedule a consultation with our health coach here. Just leave us a message and we will get back to you shortly.

Complete CARER Program – Want to transform your life now? You have an option to opt for the entire three programs. The total package is priced at Rs. 45,000/-. You will get all the plans together at once and we will integrate it according to your convenience and treatment plan.

You can opt for the program here.

Do I or my family members have to have had a specific type of cancer to subscribe to this program?

This program is catered for those people who are or have battled any type of cancer and are looking to change their lifestyle for the better thereby preventing recurrence.

What are the factors that contribute to relapse?
  • Chronic stress (Mainly emotional)
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Lack of movement
  • Toxic environment exposure

These three are the main contributing factors for relapse in patients though there could be many other pre-cursors such as genetic predisposition etc.

What is the duration of this program?

Diet and Nutrition – 8 weeks

Emotional and Well-Being – Recommended – 8 weeks

Yoga Therapy – Recommended – 8 weeks

Why is this program essential for patients going through treatment?

Supporting mainstream treatment with “complementary” therapies is essential. Here is why:

  • increases immunity
  • helps you deal with the side effects of treatment
  • increases efficacy of the treatment
  • helps with the total collateral damage the treatment and cancer can have on your body and mind
  • most importantly helps you heal and recover from the treatment/cancer and aids towards decreasing risks of relapse
Why is it important that post treatment cancer patients go through a rehabilitative program?

The CARER Program is very helpful for post treatment patients as well and here is why. When a person is done with chemotherapy/radiation/surgery his/her body, mind and soul has been broken. From the time of diagnosis to the end of treatment they’ve been constantly and closely monitored by their doctor. They’ve been told what medicines would work for them, what to eat and what not to do. It’s noticed that after their last treatment the level of monitoring goes down drastically and the patient is left to take charge of his/her health. To bridge the gap of constant monitoring to individual control, a rehabilitative program is necessary for the patient to build immunity, physical and mental strength and get back a sense of control in his/her life.

If I choose not to go for treatment, can I still opt for this program and will it still be beneficial?

Absolutely YES!

What is the aim of CARER?

To provide you with personalised care in the comfort of your home, in order for you to regain control over your body and mind and gradually change your lifestyle to one where the risk of cancer recurrence is low or non-existent.

How do I subscribe to this program?

Please click here to avail CARER services. If you want to know more about this program please contact

Once I have subscribed, how do I keep in touch?

We are always in touch with you, but if you have any queries just email or call us 🙂

How much does the CARER Program cost?

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If you would like all services as a complete package. This is priced at Rs. 45,000/- or Rs. 7,500/- per month. You can get this program right here.

Want to know more?

We encourage patients, caregivers or anyone interested in CARER to email us at or call us directly on +91 99000 16441. Let us explain the entire program to you in detail.

We also have free consultations with our Health Coach. Get in touch if you would like to schedule one now.

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