Complete CARER Program

The Complete CARER Program has been developed by cancer care specialists and doctors to follow a format which is the most effective and beneficial for patients and survivors during and post treatment. This schedule systematically and methodically targets mental, emotional and physical rehabilitation and healing over the span of 3 months.

Once you come onboard, your entire schedule will be planned and managed for you!

Nutritionists are health care plan for the patient.

Personalised Diet & Nutrition

MONTH 1 & 2

We begin with a personalised diet and nutrition regimen to immediately start building immunity through diet plans that are best suited for you.

Your personalised diet and nutrition plan will go on for the first two months and your personal nutritionist will be in touch with you consistently in order to make diet modifications to your plan.

For more details go to Personalised Diet and Nutrition segment.

CARER Coaching and Support

MONTH 1 & 2 & 3

Your very own CARER coach will help you through emotional and mental turmoils that you might be facing at this time.

You will be connected to your coach once a month (twice the first month) through Skype or phone (home visits for exceptional cases), while one session will be particularly for the family member or caregiver if required.

A total of 4 sessions.

Close-up of psychiatrist hands together holding palm of her patient
Female trainer helping senior woman doing yoga. Elder woman bending over a exercise mat with personal instructor helping at gym.

Yoga Therapy for Cancer

MONTH 1 & 2 & 3

As your progress is monitored and your fatigue levels reduce, we will introduce you to yoga therapy that is highly beneficial in building muscles, stretching and strengthening.

Your yoga therapy begins in month 1 and goes on till the end of your program, with a total of 20 sessions altogether.


MONTH 2 & 3

You are introduced to your meditation trainer who will visit you in month 2 and 3, once every week. Your trainer will help you through stress, anxiety, fear and other emotional disturbances that you might be facing.

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