Yoga Therapy for Cancer

Cancer has major physical strains on the body. Loss of muscle mass and range of motion might be affected due to surgeries. This plan is focused on making you physically strong with specialised Yoga Therapists who know how to work with cancer.

Your personal Yoga Therapist will help you with yoga postures that deal with physical and mental strains of cancer. It's important to keep body fat percentages low and build muscle strength. Stretching and strengthening of muscles along with stimulating the digestive system, lymphatic system and circulatory system is the focus. Along with breathing techniques that help in balancing the body and mind.

Duration – Recommended by our specialists and dependent on your condition.

- You will be assigned a personal Yoga Therapist
- All your yoga sessions will be in the comfort of your home
- Your Yoga Therapist will adapt the sessions according to your strength and condition

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