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Samara Mahindra

Founder of the CARER Program & Holistic Health Coach

Samara is a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and Breast Cancer Recovery Trainer. She is also a qualified personal fitness trainer from the American Academy of Personal Training, New York, Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation.


Dr. Vishal Rao

Surgical Oncologist

Dr. Vishal Rao completed his training in Head and Neck oncology surgery at the Tata Memorial Hospital in Mumbai, with a stint at the Pittsburgh School of Medicine as a visiting scholar. He is presently associate editor of Cancer Therapy and Oncology International Journal and has more than 30 national and international publications to his credit, while being a reviewer for 8 international journals himself. He also works with the World Health Organisation-Bloomberg partners in collaboration with the state and union government to implement the WHO FCTC- Framework convention for Tobacco Control through the National Tobacco Control Program.


Luke Coutinho

Integrative Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine

Luke Coutinho is one of the world’s leading holistic nutritionists, speakers and exercise physiologists. He is also the author of the bestseller, The Great Indian Diet, and advocates eating smart, moving more and sleeping right. That according to him is the key to true health. Luke currently specializes in cancer and handles countless cases across the globe. He is involved in nutrition and micro nutrition for the prevention and healing of cancer and disease and is also involved in pain management.


Dr. Veronique Nicolai and Dr. Viji Balasubramanian

Heartfulness Meditation Trainers

Dr. Veronique Nicolai is a French Pediatrician (MD) who started her journey with Heartfulness meditation in France as a medical student. She has been involved in Heartfulness Training Programs in India from 2002, helping meditators from around the world to go deeper into their practice and to become trainers themselves.</p> <p>Dr. Viji Balasubramanian has spent the last 2 decades of her life marrying the fields of medicine and engineering. She has worked at many prestigious institutions in the USA, such as the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and the University of Chicago hospitals.


Dr. Karthik HC and Neha Racca

Yoga Therapists & Masters

Dr. Karthik H C and Neha Racca are well-experienced yoga exponents, masters and therapists, who have 10 years of experience in teaching and practicing yoga. As the years went by, the spirit of self-study, practice and observation progressed along. Having spent a great deal of time in the Gurukula system of Education and having an extensive study of yoga and philosophy and an ever open- mind to learn from every situation helped them gain insights of the yogic way of living.


Dr. Sukanya Ananth

Counsellor & Psychologist

Dr. Sukanya is currently working as a family therapist with her own private practice in Bangalore, India. Prior to this, she had worked as a consultant psychologist in Columbia Asia Hospital. Dr. Sukanya is a cancer survivor herself and experienced the mental, emotional and physical trauma a patient can experience first-hand, which she uses effectively in her counselling.


Meher Randhawa

Genetic Counsellor

Meher Randhawa is a trained genetic counsellor and is well versed in the field of cancer genetics. Having worked in Health Care Global and Manipal hospital, Bangalore, India, she is well acquainted with the strong association of genes and cancer. Her training ranges from Glasgow (Southern General & Duncan-Guthrie research centre) to Bangalore during which she came to understand that pre and post cancer treatment is as important and relevant as the on-going treatment of a patient affected with cancer.



Meditation & Spiritual Guru

Krrish has been on the journey of self-discovery all his life. In 2005, he took sanyaas of Bhagwan Shri Rajneesh (Osho) and in his later years discovered the teachings of Swami Nirmalannand. He is a thinker, teacher and shares his insights with anyone who is in need. The meditation therapies Krissh has created for the CARER Program will greatly help recovering cancer patients.


Sabrina Suhail

Grooming Expert

Sabrina is a well-known and highly respected freelance make-up artist, primarily based out of Bangalore, India. She participated in a formal course in the Art of Make- up followed by a stint with a well-known makeup artist. One of the biggest achievements for a young achiever like her was to be handpicked by an international makeup giant as an in-house makeup consultant, where she worked for five years and mastered the various techniques to create looks for all sorts of occasions.